Jumbo Floor Basket Free Crochet Pattern – the Grand Basket

Are there ever enough baskets? Baskets are my favorite way to organize around my house. They are not only extremely functional and versatile, but they’re beautiful as well – especially when they’re handmade to order! And with it’s girth, this jumbo floor basket free crochet pattern is great for everything from boots to blankets.

This large basket is perfect for the beginner crocheter. All you need to know is how to single crochet! With some increasing and decreasing, this basket comes together quickly and easily. Pick your favorite color, grab your big hook and let’s get to basket making!

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This jumbo floor basket free crochet pattern is written in US terms. If needed, you can find a handy term conversion chart right here in my Resource Library.

You can find the printable, AD-FREE version of this pattern here:

Jumbo Floor Basket Free Crochet Pattern Notes & Tips:

Size & Gauge:

Size: The basket will end up being about 16-18″ wide and 13″ tall. If you want it taller or shorter, simply add or remove rows!

Gauge: 4”x4” of single crochet = 5.5 stitches x 6 rows using both strands held together.

Policies & Disclaimers:

This pattern is for PERSONAL USE ONLY. This pattern or parts of it may not be reproduced, resold, distributed, published, altered, translated, posted or shared without authorization. You can sell your finished items provided that you credit Off the Beaten Hook as the designer using this verbiage, “This pattern was designed by Lindsey Roe and Off the Beaten Hook.” Thank you for your respectfulness!

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What makes this pattern eco-friendly and sustainable?

THE YARN: I use only sustainable and eco-friendly yarn that has been ethically grown/raised and processed, putting the people and the planet first. This is why I chose Hoooked Spesso Chunky Cotton for this basket. It is made with 100% recycled and undyed fiber (85% cotton / 15% other). Hoooked is making beautiful waves in the business of sustainable yarn. At their core, they use sustainable processes and fibers to make their beautiful and high quality yarn. Buying their yarn makes me feel SO good because I know I’m stitching my way to a greener future.

I SHOPPED MY STASH FOR THE YARN I USED TO MAKE IT: I try to only buy yarn when I have a specific project I have in mind for it. I know, that’s SO HARD! But inevitably there is always, ALWAYS un-used and un-purposed yarn in my stash. I love going through and using it up whenever possible! That’s what I was able to do for this project and I’m SO HAPPY with the durable, shape-holding result of the yarn for this basket

THE SLOW YARN MOVEMENT: I’m participating in the Slow Yarn Movement. There’s far too much to talk about here, but please take a few minutes to learn about what this means by reading the article I wrote about the Slow Yarn Movement as part of my 6-part Sustainable Crochet Series.

If you’re interested in learning more about sustainable crochet you can read all about it in the 6-part series I did covering everything about Sustainable Crochet and how to implement it into your own crafting starting today!

Your Guide to Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Crochet Image Heart Yarn

Materials you will need:


Hoooked Spesso Chunky Cotton | 85% Cotton/15% other – all recycled and undyed | Weight: 5/Chunky | 139 yards per ball

Colors – choose the 2 colors you love! I chose these two colors for my jumbo floor basket:


Abbreviations used in this jumbo floor basket free crochet pattern:

ch – chain
st – stitch
hk – hook
sc – single crochet
inc – increase
dec – decrease
(…) x – repeat instructions indicated number of times
[…] – number of stitches in row/round

The Pattern



  • The basket is worked with two yarn strands being held together and worked at the same time, so you’ll be working with both balls at the same time
  • The basket is worked in continuous rounds – do not join rounds

Begin with Color A

Rnd 1: st 6 sc in a magic circle [6]

Rnd 2: inc in each st around [12]

Rnd 3: (sc, inc) x6 [18]

Rnd 4: (sc 2, inc) x6 [24]

Rnd 5: (sc 3, inc) x6 [30]

Rnd 6: (sc 4, inc) x6 [36]

Rnd 7: (sc 5, inc) x6 [42]

Rnd 8: (sc 6, inc) x6 [48]

Rnd 9: (sc 7, inc) x6 [54]

Rnd 10: (sc 8, inc) x6 [60]

Rnd 11: sc around [60]

Rnd 12: (sc 9, inc) x6 [66]

Rnd 13: sc around [66]

Rnd 14: (sc 10, inc) x6 [72]

Rnd 15-20: sc around [72]

Rnd 21: (sc 10, dec) x6 [66]

Switch to Color B

Rnd 22-23: sc around [66]

Rnd 24: (sc 9, dec) x6 [60]

Rnd 25-26: sc around [60]


During Row 27, we will split for the handles

Rnd 27: sc 10, ch 10, sk 10, sc 20, ch 10 sk 10, sc 10 [40 sc + 20 ch]

Rnd 28: sc around, including the chains* [60]

*Choose the look you like best for the handles (below photos) – LOOK A is achieved by crocheting into the handle chains. LOOK B is achieved by making your sc around the chains. If you choose LOOK B, place 10 stitches along the length of the chain. (I chose LOOK A)

Rnd 29: sc around [60]

Invisible fasten: take your hook off the loop and insert it from the back to front under the next stitch. Grab the loop and pull it through to the back. Snip the yarn and pull the yarn tail through the loop and pull tightly to fasten. Weave in end.

You did it! Well done!

I would love to see your completed jumbo floor baskets. Please post pictures on instagram and tag me @offthebeatenhook and use #offthebeatenhook. Cheers!


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