I am the designer and voice behind Off the Beaten Hook – an all-about-crochet resource, blog, and shop! My heart beats for my husband, son & daughter. My mind hungers to learn, imagine, create & innovate. My soul longs for the mountains and the sea, and my hands ache for a crochet hook! 

My family and I prioritize living a lifestyle of sustainability. That is our heart and that is why Off the Beaten Hook uses sustainable and eco-friendly yarns. I design patterns that are practical and add function, beauty and warmth to your home.

I grew up in Bellingham, WA and graduated college from Eastern Washington University. I now reside in Spokane, WA with my husband – Josh, my son – Benjamin, and my daughter – Madeline! I couldn’t be more grateful to have been born, raised and currently residing in the Great Pacific Northwest. Part of my soul belongs in the mountains, on the lakes and near the sea. It’s what gives me life and fills me up.

I have lived abroad, climbed mountains, and traveled the world. I have had business failure and business success. I have become a wife and mom. All of these milestones and events in my life have led me here. To right now – proud of who I am and firm in what I want out of this life. I have discovered my freedom and my purpose. 

I believe that our “why” in life should propel us toward any goal or aspiration we may have. I once heard someone say, “Your why should make you cry.” I can think of no greater goal or responsibility I have in life right now than to teach my kids how to serve others and be relationship-driven, kind, resilient, hard-working, compassionate, critical-thinking, empowered and independent. I also live a life full of adventure, genuine relationships, financial freedom, and unforgettable experiences with my community of family and friends.

THANK YOU for taking your valuable time to be here, with me. You are why I do this.

With love & gratitude,