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Beach Swimsuit Coverup Free Crochet Pattern – The Pua Poa Beach Coverup

Here’s my alibi regarding the origins of the Pua Poa Beach Swimsuit Coverup free crochet pattern. I absolutely could not find the perfect beach swimsuit coverup. And since I was on an extended stay in Kauai, Hawaii, with 80% of my days spent wearing a swimsuit, this was legitimate reason for panic. I knew exactly what I was looking for and I COULD NOT FIND IT. And once I get something in my head, I will settle for nothing less.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

The verdict’s still out on that one. Anyway, I finally just made one for myself. Enter: the Pua Poa Beach Swimsuit Coverup. Named after my favorite beach in Kauai, I’ve finally found exactly what I was looking for. And for you, obviously also looking for the perfect swimsuit coverup – look no further. Maybe this is exactly what you wanted too.

Start the Pua Poa Beach Swimsuit Coverup Free Crochet Pattern NOW, or PIN it for later here:

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This free pattern is supported by ads on my blog. I also have a printable version of the pattern, complete with several in-the-making photos, lots of helpful tips and a sizing grid so you can customize to your exact measurements. You can find the ad-free, printable pattern of the Pua Poa Beach Swimsuit Coverup in my Etsy shop here.

Pua Poa Beach Swimsuit Coverup Free Crochet Pattern Notes & Tips:

This crochet pattern is written in US terms. If needed, you can find a handy term conversion chart right here in my Resource Library. I recommend giving the pattern a read-through before you begin so you can visualize the big picture and consider any specific notes for help along the way! The printable pattern in my Etsy shop comes with LOTS of in-the-making photos for each step of the way as well.

Size & Gauge:


4”x4” = 8 stitches x 8 rows (1 stitch = dc + ch)

I encourage you to make a swatch to be sure your gauge is correct. It’s also a good idea to measure now and again and try it on as you go along. This will ensure your Pua Poa Beach Swimsuit Coverup will fit right when it’s done! This coverup has a lot of drape and flexibility so gauge is a general guideline.


This pattern is written in size XS with sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL & 5XL following in parenthesis like this: XS(S, M, L, XL)(2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL). The size can be easily modified by taking your measurements and adjusting the number of stitches or rows. The model pictured is wearing size XS with height 5’4 and a bust of 33″.

TIP: The ad-free written pattern also includes a detail sizing grid with measurements in inches and the number of rows and stitches for each size. Using the sizing grid compared to your measurements will allow you to easily customize the coverup to your exact measurements.

Length: shoulder to hem front / shoulder to hem back:

XS: 28″ / 34″
S: 29″ / 35″
M: 30″ / 36″
L: 31″ / 37″
XL: 32″ / 38″
2XL: 33″ / 39″
3XL: 34″ / 40″
4XL: 35″ / 41″
5XL: 36″ / 42″


XS: 36″
S: 40″
M: 44″
L: 48″
XL: 52″
2XL: 56″
3XL: 60″
4XL: 64″
5XL: 68″


Take your choice of yarn! Choose colors that bring you joy and fibers that feel good between your fingers. I use 100% cotton yarn for this coverup because it is breathable, washable and will <maybe/probably> be worn in an environment where you do not want it to itch in heat, salt and sweat.

The Legal Stuff:

This pattern is for PERSONAL USE ONLY. This pattern or parts of it may not be reproduced, resold, distributed, published, altered, translated, posted or shared without authorization. You can sell your finished items provided that you credit Off the Beaten Hook as the designer using this verbiage, “This pattern was designed by Lindsey Roe and Off the Beaten Hook.” Thank you for your respectfulness!

This post contains affiliate links for materials I use and love. If you purchase something using one of these links I may earn a small commission which in no way affects the cost to you. These partnerships help me support my small business which allows me to provide you with free crochet patterns. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support!

Pua Poa Beach Swimsuit Coverup Pattern Resource Library Graphic

Materials you will need for the Pua Poa Beach Swimsuit Coverup free crochet pattern:


Abbreviations used in this pattern:

ch – chain
st – stitch
sk – skip
sl st – slip stitch
fdc – foundation double crochet
dc – double crochet
(…) x – repeat instructions indicated number of times
[…] – number of stitches in row/round

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The Pattern

Panel – Make 2:


  • The coverup is crocheted in turning rows, lengthwise from top to bottom.
  • The turning chain of 3 counts as your first dc stitch of each row
  • You will crochet 2 sides and then seam them together, leaving a hole in the middle for your head

Row 1: FDC 216(218, 220, 222, 224)(226, 228, 230, 232), ch 3, turn

Row 2: sk next st, (dc in next st, ch 1, sk 1) x across, ch 3, turn

Row 3: (dc in next ch sp, ch 1) x across

Row 4-17(21, 25, 29, 33)(37, 41, 45, 49): repeat row 3, ch 2, turn

Row 18(22, 26, 30, 34)(38, 42, 46, 50): dc in each st across

Fasten off and weave in end.

Pua Poa Beach Swimsuit Coverup Crochet Pattern Image 7



  • The belt is made with a crochet cord
  • There are plenty of YouTube tutorials on how to make a crochet cord if you need additional help

Determine how long you want your belt to be and cut a length of yarn that is SEVEN (7) times that long. If you need help determining how long you need your belt, try this: Borrow a long length of yarn and wrap it around your waist and tie it in a bow leaving the bow and it’s dangly legs however long you like. Then, measure that length of yarn and multiply it by 7 to get the length of yarn you need for these steps:

  • From your yarn ball, take a long strand of yarn per the above instructions
  • Fold the strand of yarn to where one side is about 1/3 longer than the other side
  • Slip knot into your hook at the fold you just made
  • Take the shorter end of the yarn to the back and into your hand as your working end. The longer end will dangle forward towards you.
  • Next, yarn over from the non-working-hand yarn strand (the one dangling forward towards you) from front to back over your hook
  • Next, yarn over with your working side of the yarn strand just like a normal yarn over and pull through both loops on the hook
  • Repeat steps 5 & 6 until the entire yarn strand has been used up.
  • When complete, pull both yarn ends through the final loops and tie off.
Beach Swimsuit Coverup Free Crochet Pattern Pinterest Pin



  • Lay the panels lengthwise, side by side with the final dc row together in the middle
  • Choose which side you want to be the wrong side and be sure it is facing out
  • From the edge of the coverup, moving toward the center, seam the sides together by passing the tapestry needle through the back two loops only of each side for 20″. This will be the front of the coverup. Secure and weave in end.
  • Repeat on the opposite end, for 27″. The hole you’ve just created in the middle is the neckline where your head will go through. Before tying off, try on the coverup and make sure you are happy with the opening and the V it creates front and back. If you want the V deeper or more closed, do so now. Secure and weave in end.
  • You are done with the center seam. The hole in the middle is where your head will go.


  • Fold the coverup in half from top to bottom (still wrong side out), leaving a 6″(6″, 6″, 8″, 8″)(8″, 9″, 9″, 9″) off-set between the front and back, with the back being the longer side. Alternatively, decide how much longer you want the back to be (if any) and arrange the garment as-so right now.
  • Measure 7″(7″, 7″, 8″, 8″)(8″, 9″, 9″, 9″) from the shoulder. This will be the arm opening. Alternatively, decide how big you want the arm hold to be (if different than the suggested measurements above) and arrange the garment as-so right now. Introduce your tapestry needle at the end of this measurement and whip stitch through 3 stitches down towards the hem.
  • From here, count 14 stitches down and whip stitch through the next 3 stitches.
  • Repeat step 3 until you get to the end of the side seam, allowing for a final gap on the outer thigh
  • Weave in all ends.
  • Weave the belt through every other loop around the middle of the coverup at the height you like!
  • Try on the cover-up and flaunt your gorgeous body!
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I would love to see your completed coverups. Please post pictures on instagram and tag me @offthebeatenhook and use #offthebeatenhook.

What would you like to do now? MAKE something else, or PIN this one for later reference?


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  1. Teri Brown Avatar

    Hi, all the medium weight cotton yarns I look at recommend a size G hook. I’m wondering what the results are like using an I hook that the patterns suggests? Are the stitches super loose? I usually prefer smaller hooks, but I’m concerned about the coverup ending up too small.

    1. Lindsey Avatar

      Hello! Yes, I designed this coverup with a beautiful amount of drape so it would flow and lay nicely over the curves 🙂 The larger hook creates loose stitches. If you use smaller hook, the fabric it will create will be more dense with less drape. Have fun!

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    Thanks Lindsey so much for sharing this gorgeous swimsuit cover. This is by far the best swimsuit cover I’ve come across. Simple, elegant & sexy. Absolutely a treasure!

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      Thank you so much! I appreciate your feedback a lot. Glad you’re enjoying it!

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