23 Fast and Free Crochet Projects

23 Fast and Free Crochet Projects (Under 1 Hour!)

Don’t get me wrong – there is so much satisfaction after putting the finishing touches on an 8-hour ami or 30-hour cardi. But sometimes we just need a quick win! Maybe your hands and brain just need a quick break from the project you’ve been working on for weeks. Maybe you are looking for a meaningful last-minute gift. Whatever the reason, there are several quick, easy and free options for you! I’ve done the most time consuming part for you – searching for them! Here for your crocheting enjoyment, are 23 fast and free crochet projects that will take you an hour or less to finish!

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For most of these projects, you will be able to use yarn from your own stash which is always a sustainable choice versus buying more. And, as a bonus, I’ve chosen projects that are 100% beginner friendly so you can pick any one of these and know you can do it! Put all this together (time, yarn and skills) and you’ll be able to pick up one of these on the fly knowing you already have what it takes to complete.

So, go ahead and search these 23 fast and free crochet projects to find some inspiration for your next WIP!

Have fun!

Eggs Free Crochet Pattern Main Image

1. Crochet Eggs Amigurumi

How do you like your eggs? Make them whole or fried with this quick and easy egg amigurumi pattern.

DESIGNER/WEBSITE: offthebeatenhook.com

Reusable Water Balloons Free Crochet Pattern Main Image

2. Reusable Water Balloons

Here’s an earth friendly alternative to latex rubber balloons! Eliminate the mess AND the pollution with these crochet water balloons.

DESIGNER/WEBSITE: offthebeatenhook.com

3. One Hour Chunky Cowl

Love super chunky yarn? This is the one for you!

DESIGNER/WEBSITE: makeanddocrew.com

4. Crochet Happy Pills

I love this so much. What a brilliant idea. Perfect for an uplifting gift or to have around your home to bring a smile to your face.

DESIGNER/WEBSITE: knotbadami.com

5. Itty Bitty Crochet Kitty

Attention all cat lovers! How cute are these!? A must-make for all cat lovers or the perfect gift for the cat lover in your life!

DESIGNER/WEBSITE: thoresbycottage.com

6. Ribbed Wonder Hat

A super simple but effective design for a beautiful and warm crochet hat!

DESIGNER/WEBSITE: crochet365knittoo.com

Alpine Bath Washcloth Free Crochet Pattern Image washcloths on table

7. Alpine Bath Washcloth

With the perfect amount of softness and texture, this will become your go-to crochet washcloth!

DESIGNER/WEBSITE: offthebeatenhook.com

8. Crochet Candy Corn

What an adorable ode to one of the most iconic seasonal candies around! So much nostalgia and fuzzies come over me when I look at this cute little candy – I had to include him in this round-up.

DESIGNER/WEBSITE: myamigurumifarm.com

9. Fast Crochet Hat

This is another great option for a super quick crochet hat. Hats are always a hit for gifts and functional family items!

DESIGNER/WEBSITE: leftinknots.com

Milk Carton Pattern Featured Image

10. Milk Carton Amigurumi

A great addition to your little one’s crochet food toy collection! This little jug is a realistic size compared to the little milk cartons we used to drink from at elementary school lunch!

DESIGNER/WEBSITE: offthebeatenhook.com

11. Pinot Noir Infinity Scarf

Versatile and approachable, this is a great infinity scarf for beginners! I can envision so many color combinations for this one!

DESIGNER/WEBSITE: fiberfluxblog.com

12. Amigurumi Butternut Squash

I love me a good fruit or veg amigurumi. Squash is one I haven’t done yet! This one makes my project list.

DESIGNER/WEBSITE: myamigurumifarm.com

Christmas Tree Free Crochet Pattern Main Image

13. Christmas Tree Trio Decoration

Add a little homemade touch to your Christmas decorations with this Christmas tree trio! Super quick and easy.

DESIGNER/WEBSITE: offthebeatenhook.com

14. Twisted Crochet Ear Warmer Headband

An ear warmer is a great alternative to a crochet hat. These come in handy when it’s chilly but not super cold out, or if you want to wear your hair up in a messy bun and keep your ears warm at the same time!

DESIGNER/WEBSITE: sarahmaker.com

15. Vanilla Latte Super Scarf

This scarf strikes me as one that can be dressed up or down – especially based on the color pallet you choose!!

DESIGNER/WEBSITE: fiberfluxblog.com

16. Crochet Amigurumi Heart

Okay, okay, this is the last one from My Amigurumi Farm – but I love the simplicity and access to their free patterns! This would make another great gift option.

DESIGNER/WEBSITE: myamigurumifarm.com

Alpine Bath Soap Saver Free Crochet Pattern Image bag with soap

17. Alpine Bath Soap Saver

Add a little luxury spa to your day with this soap saver crochet pattern. Use it with a full bar of soap or use it to collect the little tid bits of the ends of the bar!

DESIGNER/WEBSITE: offthebeatenhook.com

18. Fingerless Crochet Gloves

For years I worked in a warehouse environment that had no heat in the winter (and it’s COLD here in Spokane in the winter!) I had fingerless gloves with me at all times. They were a lifesaver. I consider fingerless gloves to be an essential part of a winter wardrobe. These are super fast, effective and cute!

DESIGNER/WEBSITE: repeatcrafterme.com

19. Small Crochet Basket

I can never have enough baskets. I’ve made this one! It’s super easy and comes together quickly but still looks awesome!

DESIGNER/WEBSITE: sigonimacaroni.com

Autumn Pumpkin Trio Free Crochet Pattern Image Main All 3 Pumpkins

20. Autumn Pumpkin Trio Decoration

These pumpkins come together quick and easy. They’ll make the perfect seasonal addition to your home decor!

DESIGNER/WEBSITE: offthebeatenhook.com

21. Quick Crochet Hat Pattern

Okay I had to include one more hat in this roundup because they are, indeed, so quick! And this one has a unique look that I love.

DESIGNER/WEBSITE: crochetdreamz.com

22. Beaded Crochet Necklace

Okay, this one might be a stretch to complete the entire necklace PICTURED in under an hour, but I had to include it because you can certainly make several of the crochet beads in under and hour OR make less of them and modify this necklace however you see fit! Either way, what a beautiful idea, hey!?

DESIGNER/WEBSITE: giftseshop.com

23. No Sew Whale Crochet Pattern

This little guy is SO adorable. BONUS: No sewing required! I’m in.

DESIGNER/WEBSITE: stitchbyfay.com

I hope one of these 23 fast and free crochet projects gives you some inspiration!

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