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How to Single Crochet into the Back Bump of a Chain

When I committed to mastering the skill of how to single crochet into the back bump of a chain, it revolutionized the finished product of my crochet projects. REVOLUTIONIZED.

I promise.

Momma always told me not to say “hate”, so I’ll say I REALLY DISLIKE crocheting into a chain. Which is also why I mastered the foundation stitch chaining method. There are several reason why I really dislike crocheting into a chain, but the main reason USED TO BE because of the ugly, horrible, annoying GAPS IN EVERY STITCH along the first row of my project. Crocheting into the back bump of a chain completely eliminates those gaps and allows your first row to blend seamlessly into the rest without standing out and completely interrupting the cohesiveness of your project.

Enough said about the horrors of the first-row-gap.

Also, a heads up – in a pattern, the back bump can also be referred to the “third loop”, “back loop”, “back bar” or “bottom loop”.

So in an attempt to bring you over to my side on this topic, I’ve created a video tutorial on just how easy it is to switch to this method of crocheting into your chain. I’ll give you written steps below, but it might be more helpful to just watch my video tutorial which I’ve included below too!

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Work your crochet stitch into the back bump of the chain, verses the front, top loop. This technique forces the top two loops down to the bottom of the row.

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Allows the first row of your project to blend beautifully in with the rest of your rows and avoids gaps under every stitch of your first row. Because this technique forces the top two loops to the bottom of your first row, it creates a symmetrical look since it more closely mirrors the “V” shape created when making a crochet stitch.

Another benefit is if you chain with uneven tension, somehow this technique magically eliminates any issues with bringing all those back in line with each other.

Back Bump 4 Video Tutorial Image


  1. Identify the back bump: each chain of your chain is made up of three loops. Identify the front two loops which together create a “V” shape. Turn them over to identify the back bump (aka “third loop”).
  2. Make your first stitch into the appropriate back bump as specified by your pattern and which stitch you are using. This is typically the
    • second bump from the hook if using single crochet,
    • third bump from the hook if using half double crochet
    • fourth bump from the hook if using double crochet
    • fifth bump from the hook if using treble crochet
  3. Continue on down the chain, making a stitch into each of the back bumps of your chain until you reach the end!

Want more quick and easy tutorials? I’ve got a ton of them in the FREE Resource Library which you can find here.

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