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Chainless Foundation Single Crochet: How to + Video Tutorial

Nothing has revolutionized my crochet life more than mastering this super simple technique – the chainless foundation. I am not one that enjoys crocheting into a chain. To me, it is tedious work. So when I learned how to make a crochet chain AND the first row of single (or double, or half double!) crochet AT THE SAME TIME, my mind was blown. Learn how to save time and tears in this video tutorial about how to make a chainless foundation single crochet.


Have you ever panicked when you read the beginning of a pattern that included chaining any more than 20, followed by crocheting all the way back down that chain? I know.

My heart rate is increasing even now as I think about it.

it. is. just. so. FIDDLY. Not to mention how long it takes!

Well fear no more, my friend. Your solution has arrived. The chainless foundation stitch makes the chain AND the first row of SINGLE crochet AT THE SAME TIME.

I’m going to give you a moment to just sit with that and take in the beauty of it.

No matter how fast you crochet, the fiddlyness of crocheting back into a chain adds so much time. Even though you’re adding an extra yarn-over when you’re making a chainless foundation, it’s just so much easier to get into flow just as if you were working on your 3rd or 4th row of a repeat.

Deep breath out. Ahhh. That is why I describe this stitch as revolutionary to my crochet life. I was so relieved. Like “where, oh where, chainless foundation, have you been all my life?” And this magical technique can be used with NOT ONLY single crochet, but half double, double and treble stitches as well.

So alas, let me begin by introducing you to some of the important characteristics of the chainless foundation single crochet stitch.


In a pattern, the chainless foundation single crochet stitch is abbreviated FSC.


The chainless foundation single crochet stitch is slightly taller than the traditional technique of chaining and then crocheting back into that chain. But only slightly taller.


The characteristic that I love the most about this stitch is it’s beautiful stretch and flexibility. Often times a foundation row of single crochet that has been made by crocheting into a chain is tight and shorter than the rest of the project. When this happens with, a sweater, for example, the resulting comfort level and flex is NO BUENO.

Another annoying thing about crocheting into a chain is often times it can leave unsightly gaps between the stitches. Albeit, crocheting into the back bump of a chain almost completely eliminates this, there is still a look and feel to the chainless foundation that starts the flow of the project off perfectly.


  1. Slip knot knot your hook
  2. Chain 2
  3. Insert your hook into the second chain from the hook
  4. Yarn over and pull up a loop (you now have 2 loops on your hook)
  5. Yarn over again and pull through ONE loop on your hook
  6. Yarn over and pull through the TWO loops on your hook
  7. Insert your hook into the bottom of that stitch (under both strands) and repeat steps 4-6


I hope you feel as relieved as I did the day I learned about the chainless foundation. Leave a comment and let me know what other techniques have revolutionized your crochet life!

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