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Green Onion Free Crochet Pattern + Video Tutorial

Summertime… and the living’s easy. Anyone? You’ll recognize the line if you grew up in the 90’s and were “allowed” to listen to Sublime. There is truth to those lyrics though. Although summertime with kids out of school can be crazy at times, at its core there’s just a more easy feeling to summer life. One of the things I love doing with my kids in the summer is tending to our garden. We use lots of green onions so they are a staple in our garden. Inspired by this mild and delicious accessory veggie, here is a green onion free crochet pattern for you!

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This scallion crochet pattern is supported by ads on my blog. You can find the 6-page PDF printable, ad-free pattern of this green onion amigurumi on my Etsy shop here or on Ravelry here.

This green onion free crochet pattern is written in US terms. If needed, you can find a handy term conversion chart right here in my Resource Library.

This pattern is accompanied by a video tutorial as well! I crochet with you the entire pattern. So, if you’re more of a visual learner, you can check out the video on YouTube here, or find it further down in this post!

If you opt for the written version, I recommend giving the pattern a read-through before you begin so you can visualize the big picture and consider any specific notes for help along the way! The ad-free printable copy of this pattern (from Etsy or Ravelry) includes lots of in-the-making photos for each step of the way as well.

Green Onion Free Crochet Pattern Printable Pattern Preview
Green Onion Free Crochet Pattern Main IMage

You can find the printable, AD-FREE version of this pattern here:

Green Onion Free Crochet Pattern Notes & Tips:

Size & Gauge:

Size: The green onions will end up being about 9 inches.

Gauge: 4”x4” of single crochet = 28 stitches x 30 rows. Ultimately with toys, gauge doesn’t matter. It won’t have to fit someone’s body or a specific space. My patterns will include the size of the finished toy based on the yarn and hook I use. But if you want it smaller or bigger, just use a bigger yarn and hook! Just remember, when crocheting toys, crochet tightly and choose a hook one size smaller than the yarn size recommends in order to avoid holes between each stitch where the stuffing will show through.

Yarn & Stuffing:

Yarn: Take your choice of yarn! Choose colors that bring you joy and fibers that feel good between your fingers. I use 100% organic cotton yarn because I make these toys for my kids and need them to be functional. Cotton is natural, washable, soft, and relatively inflexible so the toys don’t stretch and sag – even after being thrown across the house, down the stairs and adventured through every part of the garden!

Stuffing: The green onion doesn’t necessarily require stuffing, but I do stuff the white bulb a bit. You can also lightly stuff the tube, but I leave my empty because I like them to be flexible. I encourage you to use an alternative to poly-fill (unless it’s recycled!). Try using leftover yarn scraps and snippets or old non-donate-able clothes and materials cut into strips.

Policies & Disclaimers:

This pattern is for PERSONAL USE ONLY. This pattern or parts of it may not be reproduced, resold, distributed, published, altered, translated, posted or shared without authorization. You can sell your finished items provided that you credit Off the Beaten Hook as the designer using this verbiage, “This pattern was designed by Lindsey Roe and Off the Beaten Hook.” Thank you for your respectfulness!

This post contains affiliate links for materials I use and love. If you purchase something using one of these links I may earn a small commission which in no way affects the cost to you. These partnerships help me support my small business which allows me to provide you with free crochet patterns. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support!

Green Onion Free Crochet Pattern Library Resource Graphic

What makes this pattern eco-friendly and sustainable?

THE YARN: I use only sustainable and eco-friendly yarn that has been ethically grown/raised and processed, putting the people and the planet first. This is why I chose to use leftover yarn from my stash versus buying new yarn for this project – which is another great way to prioritize sustainability in your craft!

THE STUFFING: I used some wool snippets to stuff the bulb of the green onion. When I’m using more filling, I normally use Hoooked 100% Recycled Fluffy Cotton Filling. You can also use left over yarn snippets (save them all – they add up fast!) or old fiber you’ve cut into strips.

THE SLOW YARN MOVEMENT: I’m participating in the Slow Yarn Movement. There’s far too much to talk about here, but please take a few minutes to learn about what this means by reading the article I wrote about the Slow Yarn Movement as part of my 6-part Sustainable Crochet Series.

I’M MAKING SUSTAINABLE TOYS FOR MY KIDS: This is the reason I learned how to crochet to begin with! I wanted my son to have mostly sustainable toys to play with as I eliminated a huge amount of non-renewable plastics from our home. I replaced his plastic food and veg toys with crochet ones instead!

If you’re interested in learning more about sustainable crochet you can read all about it in the 6-part series I did covering everything about Sustainable Crochet and how to implement it into your own crafting starting today!

Green Onion crochet pattern tools and materials

Materials you will need:


These onions don’t require much yarn! I used 100% organic cotton, DK (light worsted) yarn in these colors:

  • Taupe
  • White or Off-White
  • Light green
  • Dark green


I used leftovers of DK 100% cotton yarn I had on hand. If you don’t have any of the required colors on hand, here are some yarns I love! All of these are DK weight:

100% Cotton Options:

Cotton Blend & Other Fiber Options:


Abbreviations used in the Green Onion free crochet pattern:

ch – chain
st – stitch
hk – hook
sl st – slip stitch
sc – single crochet
inc – increase
dec – decrease
(…) x – repeat instructions indicated number of times
[…] – number of stitches in row/round

Crochet green onions

The Pattern


  • The green onion is worked in continuous rounds – do not join after each round


From the taupe colored yarn, snip 5 lengths of 4-5 inches. On one end of the yarn snippet, make a few knots on top of each other to make a large knot that will prevent the root from pulling through a stitch on the green onion.

Scallion Crochet Pattern in-the-making Photo 1



  • The bulb/stem is worked in continuous rounds – do not join rounds

Begin with the white yarn

Rnd 1: st 6 sc in a magic circle [6]

Rnd 2: inc in each st around [12]

Insert the first root by inserting your hook from front to back through the magic circle and snatching the root from behind. Pull it through, leaving the knotted end on the inside. Repeat with the remaining 4 roots, inserting them in between stitches between Rnds 1-2.

Rnd 3-5: sc around [12]

Rnd 6: (sc, dec) x4 [8]

Rnd 7-10: sc around [8]

Scallion Crochet Pattern in-the-making Photo 2

Switch to light green yarn

Rnd 11-23: sc around [8]

Switch to dark green yarn

Rnd 24-25: sc around [8]

Rnd 26: sc in next st, ch 49, sc in 2nd back bump of chain and all chains thereafter back down to Rnd 25, sc in next 2 st from Rnd 25, ch 49, sc in 2nd back bump of chain and all chains thereafter back down to Rnd 25, sc in next 2 st from Rnd 25, ch 41, sc in 2nd back bump of chain and all chains thereafter back down to Rnd 25, sc in next 2 st from Rnd 25, ch 37, sc in 2nd back bump of chain and all chains thereafter back down to Rnd 25, sc in next st, sl st to first st of round and fasten off.

Snip the roots to the desired length and fray using the tip of a tapestry needle or small crochet hook.

Scallion Crochet Pattern in-the-making Photo 4


You did it! Well done!

I would love to see your completed green onions. Please post pictures on instagram and tag me @offthebeatenhook and use #offthebeatenhook. Cheers!


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