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How to Slip Knot Onto Your Crochet Hook – Video Tutorial

It all starts here – the slip knot. Knowing how to slip knot onto your crochet hook will become something you can do in your sleep. It is THE THING that secures your yarn to your crochet hook. No slip knot, no making. In the steps below and the one minute video tutorial that follows, you will learn how to do it!

There are about as many ways to slip knot onto your hook as there are ways to HOLD your hook. They ALL end up in the same slip knot – it’s just the steps that are taken to get you there. So, don’t get thrown off when you see crocheters doing it differently. As long as you end up with a legit slip knot on your hook, you’ll be good to go. A slip knot is a type of knot that behaves just as it sounds – a knot that slips. It easily slips to make the loop larger or smaller, opening and closing. It’s not a SET knot that doesn’t move or change or shift once it’s secure.

So let’s get to making!

I’ll give you written steps describing how to slip knot onto your crochet hook, but it might be quicker to just watch my ONE MINUTE tutorial which I’ve included below!


To secure your yarn onto your crochet hook.

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  1. Take your starting yarn and create loop just as if you were making a regular ol’ knot. Rather than pulling the short/loose end of the yarn fully through the loop, leave it dangling through the loop as you tighten the knot.
  2. Insert your crochet hook, front to back, through the loop created. Pull on the short/dangly end of the yarn to secure the knot right up onto your hook.

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