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15 Fast and Free Summer Crochet Projects

I don’t know about you, but for some reason my hands don’t ache for a crochet hook during the summer. Don’t get me wrong – I always have something on my hook and I love it no matter what – but I don’t CRAVE it like I do during the rest of the year. Maybe it has something to do with having a pile of yarn in your lap while it’s 95 degrees outside?! So if you’re struggling for some summer crochet mojo, I’ve found 15 fast and free summer crochet projects that might stir your interest!

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For several of these projects, you will be able to use yarn from your own stash which is always a sustainable choice versus buying more. And, as a bonus, I’ve chosen projects that are 100% beginner friendly so you can pick any one of these and know you can do it! Put all this together (time, yarn and skills) and you’ll be able to pick up one of these on the fly knowing you already have what it takes to complete.

So, go ahead and search these 15 fast and free crochet projects to find some inspiration for your next WIP!

Have fun!

1. Crochet Granny Square Bucket Hat

This adorable summer bucket hat pattern is accompanied by a step-by-step video tutorial!

DESIGNER/WEBSITE: makeanddocrew.com

Reusable Water Balloons Free Crochet Pattern Main Image

2. Reusable Water Balloons

Here’s an earth friendly alternative to latex rubber balloons! Eliminate the mess AND the pollution with these crochet water balloons.

DESIGNER/WEBSITE: offthebeatenhook.com

3. Stunning Summer Blanket

How fun is this blanket!?! It just screams all-the-goodness-of-summer in a beautiful colorful blanket.

DESIGNER/WEBSITE: lovableloops.com

4. Glasses/Sunglasses Case

I would be embarrassed to tell you how many sunglasses I go through in a year. They get broken no matter how hard I try… just in the last month, I’ve stepped on one pair (smashed them) and sat on another pair (snapped the arms right off). I need this for my own good!

DESIGNER/WEBSITE: okiegirlblingnthings.com

5. Summer Day Bag

Summer is full of busy days complete with water, dirt, snacks and smag! This day bag is designed using a super durable stitch that will withstand the trials of summer-bag life!

DESIGNER/WEBSITE: windingroadcrochet.com

6. Stacked Scoop Ice Cream

I love love love this pattern! It’s so fun and colorful. I couldn’t pass up including this adorable pattern for a most iconic summer treat.

DESIGNER/WEBSITE: repeatcrafterme.com

7. Popsicle Pocket Bag

When I saw this it took me straight back to the ice cream trucks of my 7-year-old summer vacation! More of a popsicle person? Check out this amazing popsicle pocket bag pattern!

DESIGNER/WEBSITE: snappy-tots.com

8. Crocodile Freeze Pop Holder

While we’re on the topic of popsicles… THIS! We’ve all been victim to frozen fingertips from ice pops, right? I MIGHT be making this TONIGHT.

DESIGNER/WEBSITE: jototheworld.com

9. Flower Freeze Pop Holder

This is another adorable freeze pop holder design by Jo to the World. These would make an awesome gift for parents of little ones! What a life saver! I could ALMOST… just ALMOST imagine letting them eat a popsicle inside with one of these since it’ll catch all the drips!

DESIGNER/WEBSITE: jototheworld.com

10. Water Bottle Holder

This water bottle holder is designed in two sizes so you can find the one that works best for you! Stay hydrated all summer long by keeping your water bottle with you hands-free!

DESIGNER/WEBSITE: jototheworld.com

11. Love Knot Crochet Market Bag

This is one of the many beautiful market bag patterns out there! It was hard to pick just one but I love this lightweight and versatile design.

DESIGNER/WEBSITE: nedandmimi.com

12. Goddess Barefoot Sandals

These beautiful barefoot sandals are a creative crochet way to decorate your bare feet this summer!

DESIGNER/WEBSITE: gleefulthings.com

13. Bloom Flip Flops

This is a super fun way to spruce up a boring pair of cheap flip flops!

DESIGNER/WEBSITE: missneriss.com

14. Ice Cream Cone Applique

Another ode to ice cream! This adorable little applique is way too much fun. I see these as being a super cute and special addition to a summer birthday party!

DESIGNER/WEBSITE: raffamusadesigns.com

15. Summer Vacation Easy Crochet Top

This beautiful summer top comes together quickly and easily and will be a gorgeous handmade addition to your summer wardrobe!

DESIGNER/WEBSITE: mamainastitch.com

I hope one of these 15 fast and free summer crochet projects gives you some inspiration!

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