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Kiwi the Elephant Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Introducing Kiwi the Elephant! Her pattern is now available in the Etsy Shop! In honor of my son, Benjamin’s most cherished stuffy from day 1 (an incredibly soft plush elephant by Snuggin’ that grasps onto binkies or teethers so they don’t get lost or thrown out of the crib!), comes this lovely crochet elephant.

Growing up in the equatorial rainforest of West Africa, Kiwi had a wild and adventurous childhood. Her most vivid memories are filled with the salty smell of fresh costal breezes and water fights with her friends. Due to habitat loss, Kiwi and her family were forced to relocate south to the African Savannah. While she was delighted to unite with her extended family there, she was heartbroken to leave her childhood home behind. She now works as an advocate for her family  that remains in the wooded rainforests of Africa and dedicates her time to protecting what remains of this beautiful country and the elephants that live there.

I hope you come to love her as much as we have!

Happy Hooking!

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