Madison Market Tote Bag Crochet Pattern

I’m loving this Free Easy Market Tote Crochet Pattern! Now that it’s officially spring (!) I’m already thinking about summer. Being 5 months pregnant and terribly sick over the winter I couldn’t get out to do any of our regular fun winter activities like downhill skiing, cross-country skiing or even snowshoeing! I am SO READY for the beautiful soul-lifting SUN. In honor of the sun and the upcoming outdoor markets, I designed this ultra-functional, ultra-adorable tote!

Do you EVER walk away from an outdoor market empty handed? Probably not. And I don’t know about you, but when I head to the market I am either on foot or bike and I have my son and husband in tow. I need a bag that I can throw EVERYTHING into and not have it dig into my shoulder so uncomfortably that I hand it over to my husband to carry (thanks, babe!). So, I need it to be sturdy, functional, and cute of course!

What I love about this tote:

  1. Several inches of the lower portion of the bag is crocheted in single crochet only – for added durability and to be sure smaller items don’t fall out or poke through holes.
  2. The single crochet base makes a tight crochet, preventing the “over stretch” that many market style totes have trouble with.
  3. The design maintains that traditional market tote feel with the wider, holier stitch pattern through the middle
  4. Wide, strong strap to handle weight without cutting into your shoulder
  5. Long enough strap to wear over the shoulder or cross-body
  6. Speckled fabric hides stains and blemishes – set it down on the grass during a picnic or feel a spontaneous dance blitz while you listed to the music near the food trucks.
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Remember: use whatever colors and fabrics make you happy! You are investing your time and talent into this bag and you want to reach for it proudly. If you want it to look exactly like mine, I used the Lion Brand Wool-Ease yarn in the colors Hudson Bay and Fisherman.

Have fun! And let me know what you think about my Free and Easy Madison Market Tote Bag Crochet Pattern.

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