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Corn on the Cob Free Crochet Pattern

Welcome to SUMMER! And an extra special welcome to the highly anticipated summer abundance: corn! In honor of this most prized summer vegetable, I designed this Corn on the Cob Free Crochet Pattern for us! Realistic and adorable, this little corn on the cob is an ode to this sweet golden summer abundance. The husk is removable, making it the perfect interactive addition to yours or your little one’s crochet fruit and veg collection!

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My dad loved growing corn in our big garden and I have vivid memories of husking corn ALL. THE. TIME. in the summer growing up in the farm and dairy corner of Northwestern Washington. Sitting on the steps of our back deck, looking out at the cow pasture that immediately bordered our back yard, my sister and I would shuck and shuck and shuck. So I guess eating corn is not only a delicious experience for me, it is a nostalgic one for me as well.

Now, I never fail to invite my kids to shuck corn with me – sitting on the steps of our back porch (although with a MUCH less scenic view into the back alley and the neighbors’ garbage cans that line it).

The corn on the cob free crochet pattern is available for you from the resource library.

Materials you will need:

Stylecraft Naturals Organic Cotton | 100% Organic Cotton | DK/light worsted weight yarn / 100% cotton
JADE – x1 ball
CITRONELLE – x1 ball
– 3.00 mm crochet hook
– Stuffing
– Tapestry needle
– Scissors
– Stitch markers

Corn on the cob image 3 husk and cob separate

Abbreviations / Skills:

st (stitch)
sc (single crochet)
DcBo (double crochet bobble stitch)
inc (increase: 2 single crochets in one stitch)
dec (decrease: 2 stitches together)
BLO (back loops only)
FLO (front loops only)
sl st (slip stitch)
(…)x (repeat instructions indicated number of times)
[…] total number of stitches in round

Corn on the cob crochet pattern image bottom of husk

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Corn on the cob Crochet Pattern Resource Library Graphic

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